Terms and Conditions

1. WellnessInn Yoga reserves the right to refuse admission to Yoga Teacher Training, workshops or retreats.

2. Latecomers may be admitted to training at the discretion of WellnessInn Yoga.

3. WellnessInn Yoga requires that all trainees attending our Teacher Training program have comprehensive travel, medical insurance for the duration of their training.

4. Information collected is used strictly by WellnessInn Yoga to provide our services to you and as is required for the provision of our services.

5. WellnessInn Yoga can only guarantee your Teacher Training Course training registration when the advance payment is made which is 20% of the total fees.

6. The students will have to deposit the complete amount i.e. remaining 80% within 48 hours of the commencement of the course.

7. In the event of the admission/ registration being canceled for any reason within the discretion of WellnessInn Yoga after payment is fully made then 80% of the total fees will be refunded deducting the 20% which is the registration fee. This condition applies only when the cancellation is done within 2 days of the commencement of the course.

8. In the unlikely event that a WellnessInn Yoga training, workshop or retreat is canceled 100% of the payment will be refunded, or an alternative retreat or training placement will be offered according to the circumstances.

9. If there are any cancellations 42 hours of the commencement of the course, then both the registration fee & Course fee will not be refundable. Transfer of the payment for/ to any different training, for exceptional reasons, might be possible and will be totally at the discretion of WellnessInn Yoga.

10. Information submitted to WellnessInn Yoga may be shared with administrative staff and teachers solely for the purpose of administration and teaching.

11. WellnessInn Yoga may keep in touch with the alumnae in the future about upcoming events and opportunities using the recorded contact details.

12. Proper identification e.g. a copy of Passport and Visa must be provided before the commencement of the course.

13. WellnessInn Yoga holds no responsibility for cancellation, changes or losses caused by acts of God, a threat of war, closure of airports, civil discord, natural disasters, accidents or the other events on the far side our management. This includes injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions of students developed during or subsequent to the course as well as a loss of, or damage to, personal property during the course.

14. WellnessInn Yoga holds no liability for any injury or illnesses that occur to trainees during the training, workshops, retreats or classes.

15. Pictures taken during training, workshops, retreats or classes may be used in promotional purposes. By agreeing to these terms and conditions trainees give full permission for this information to be released.

16. WellnessInn Yoga retains no liability for use of pictures or videos taken by trainees of the training, the teachers or other trainees.

17. Photos and videos taken by trainees during training are deemed to be for learning and personal use only. Sharing this information with third parties or for financial gain without full permission of WellnessInn Yoga is strictly prohibited.

18. It may be necessary for us to review and revise these Terms and Conditions. WellnessInn Yoga reserves the right to review and change these terms and conditions at any time. If revised, changes are denoted on the web site.

19. WellnessInn Yoga reserves the right to alter the program or curriculum and to select staff from a pool of qualified teachers depending upon availability per training.

20. Upon submitting the application and clicking the button “I agree to terms and conditions” you fully and voluntarily agree to say Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have both read and fully comprehend the nature and consequences of the agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you've got not scan, understood or don't conform to these terms and conditions don't proceed together with your application by clicking on the agreement button.

21. Students are expected to behave courteously and respectfully, to observe WellnessInn Yoga policies, and to devote themselves earnestly to their studies. The following may be grounds for disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the program and/or WellnessInn Yoga premises:

1. Verbal or physical abuse of any person or conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person at the WellnessInn Yoga.

2. Theft of WellnessInn Yoga property or the property of any member of the WellnessInn Yoga community at the premises.

3. Willful or reckless damage to WellnessInn Yoga property or the property of a member of the WellnessInn Yoga community.

4. Obstruction or disruption of teaching or other components of the academic process.

5. Failure to comply with WellnessInn Yoga policy at any time.

6. Possession or use of controlled substances, illegal drugs, or alcohol on WellnessInn Yoga premises.

7. Possession or use of any weapons on WellnessInn Yoga premises.

8. Harassment, Sexual or otherwise, or intimidation of any member of WellnessInn Yoga community while on WellnessInn Yoga premises will be punishable as per the law. This includes any behavior that creates a hostile or offensive environment for any student, employee, or guest of WellnessInn Yoga.

22. For staying outside the premises, prior permission from the teachers will be required. The Yoga Teacher Training Course at WellnessInn Yoga is not a retreat, but an intensive learning program.

23. 100% attendance will be required for the certification. The course is intensive thus all the sessions are mandatory to be attended.

24. WellnessInn Yoga takes strict care about the privacy of students. We don't share any of your data with anyone besides the registration bodies like Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

25. Please note that upon submitting the registration form you agree that “As a student of any teacher training course at WellnessInn Yoga, I assent to my contact details (name and email) being passed onto us, so they can contact me directly and invite me to register. I understand that I have the option of opting out of this registration process.